This was born as a result of the union between the cooperatives of San José de Ontur and San Isidro de Albatana. The strength of that union has a single objective, to improve the competition and commercialisation of the agricultural sector. We have over 950 members of our wine and oil sections.

We achieve an average production of 15 million kilos of grapes and almost 2 million kilos of olives, with 20% of this being organically produced. We not only have members in Ontur and Albatana, but also in other localities of the Albacete and Murcia province.

We sell our wine under the Jumilla Designation of Origin. With low production rates and an excellent quality, few places in the world have as many qualities for growing the grapevine and the olive as Ontur and Albatana. Its climate and soil make this area an unequalled cradle of exceptional wines and oils.