The Oil

The quality of a good extra virgin olive oil is not the result of chance, requiring both the generosity of the earth, the complicity of the climate and the passion of our people. Buying extra virgin olive oil, is to acquire the jewel of olive oils, which arise from the efforts of our winegrowers and the will to bring to your house the best of their harvest. The extra virgin olive oil has a smell and taste is absolutely impeccable.


Gold of the Mancha


Extra Virgin Olive.


250 ML

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Produced with olives of the variety picual medium fruity aroma, with the scent of freshly cut grass, persistent and harmonious.

IIt has a flavour of great character and personality, leaving the aftertaste with vague memories of bitterness.

Recommended for salads and although it is a very high quality olive oil, you can stew and fry with it, thanks to the high value of oleic acid (80% of the total), polyphenols and antioxidants.