The Oil

The quality of a good extra virgin olive oil is not the result of chance, requiring both the generosity of the earth, the complicity of the climate and the passion of our people. Buying extra virgin olive oil, is to acquire the jewel of olive oils, which arise from the efforts of our winegrowers and the will to bring to your house the best of their harvest. The extra virgin olive oil has a smell and taste is absolutely impeccable.


Gold of the Mancha


Extra Virgin Olive.

VARITIES: Arbequina.

250 ML

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Limited production. Oil obtained exclusively from Arbequina olives of early harvest and collected from mid-October to early November.

The oil has green reflections, with aromas of fresh almonds and fruits at medium maturity in less intensity, giving rise to a harmonious aroma.

The palate is sweet and enveloping, its bitterness is almost zero and the itch is somewhat more marked leaving a very persistent and pleasant vegetable sensation on the palate.

Recommended for sauces, fish and seafood and always used raw or at low temperature for greater enjoyment